Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities


Many young people with intellectual disabilities lack the possibility of continuing their educational journey once they finish school. Many of them, having the potential to continue forming, end up inserting themselves in sheltered workshops or work environments, hindering their possibilities of training itineraries in a structure within the formal educational system. Even though as a society we have evolved in the recognition of the rights of people with disabilities, we still need to have the concrete means so that these rights can be exercised. The University has the potential to generate an opportunity for these young people.


  • Contribute to the development of skills considered essential for the personal and social development of young people with disabilities.
  • Encourage the inclusion of students in the workplace


Entry requirements:

  • Have completed the secondary level, with whatever modality.
  • Expected management of technological devices.
  • Autonomy according to the evolutionary stage.



2 years


Curriculum path:

  • In the first four-month period, in addition to the two specific subjects, they study “University Setting”.
  • In the following four-month period, students attend twice a week. During this time, students will study some subjects corresponding to Law and Social Communication degrees (to be defined with the dean and the career directors).
  • In the last semester they may choose some of the subjects of Law or Social Communication degrees, according to the preferences they have expressed.
  • A Professional Internship is planned for the last semester.



Students who pass all the subjects of the Program will receive a Certificate of:

  • UNIVERSITY ASSISTANT IN COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS (for students who had opted, in the sixth semester, for subjects of the Career in Social Communication).
  • UNIVERSITY ASSISTANT IN LEGAL AND BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS (for students who have opted, in the sixth semester, for subjects of the Law Degree).

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