Personal and Community Support


It is carried out in partnership with El Arca Foundation. The program aims at the formation of companions, not centered on a welfare look.

The students are expected to:

  • want to deepen a process of self-knowledge necessary to approach the other from their own fragility and the healing of their own wounds.
  • Desire to enter into a process of empathy, listening, respect and presence, deepening in the accompaniment as care.
  • Be open to the processes of community life in daily life, forgiveness, and celebration.


The program is aimed at volunteers, community assistants, relatives of people with disabilities, heads of home / workshop, people who carry out the ministry of listening and who want to deepen this relationship with the most fragile, people who work with the most fragile of our society, in a state of illness or in different marginalities so that they can develop skills for the accompaniment of people and communities in the areas in which they work.

You can request more information by accessing this link.